Welcome to the world of Flamingo Heights, St. Sebastian, and Bluff Point. You won’t find these quaint little towns in the Florida guide book, or listed in New Mexico’s directory of top places to visit. They’re far off the beaten path, nestled deep in the wetlands, along a white sandy coast or way out in the desert and if you drive too quickly you might miss the exit. Perhaps though you’ve visited already?

Ever found yourself with your gas tank near empty and forced to take the exit to nowhere? Maybe you found yourself pulling up to an old rusty gas station where at least one pump was out of order and you noticed the buildings were long past their prime?

You may have visited the bankrupt town of Flamingo Heights. If you spotted a refurbished candy apple red 1950 Chevy pickup, then you caught a glimpse of Emily McKenna stopping by for supplies for her bed and breakfast.  The handsome guy with streaky blonde hair catching up to her is Real Estate developer Evan Wakefield. He’s still on the fence whether he should follow his heart or buy out the town to build his resort.

You might have vacationed in St. Sebastian if you’ve ever visited a cozy historic costal town. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Mixed in with the tourist there are deadly alien warriors. Each of them finding themselves in St. Sebastian for different reasons, but all finding something they weren’t looking for…love.

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