This N’ That

Saturday morning,
I woke up to a very quiet house this morning. You see it’s the first weekend where I haven’t had a house full of people and activity going on. It’s strange. I’m twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do with myself. There’s no errands to run first thing in the morning, no need to take a shower right away so the next person can take theirs. Hum, just quiet. After five months I need to get used to this again.
Saturday afternoon,
After staring at the three tiered plastic cart that holds tons of photos I decided to make a trip to BestBuy. I was hoping they’d have some sort of easy to use scanner that I could use to transfer them to digital. The scanner I have takes so long and I wanted something that was small and easier and processed the pictures quicker. I found the Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner and it was only $99. You don’t even need to hook it up to a computer because it has a card reader. You just take the card reader when it’s full and transfer the pictures to the computer. I’m looking forward to using it on Sunday. My hope is that I can get everything transferred and get rid of more clutter in the house. My de-clutter efforts over the past year have paid off. I now have much more space and I can find things much easier. I’m not spending extra money purchasing things I already have but didn’t know I had. And through this process I’ve learned a lot about what I use and don’t use. After I finish the pictures it will be on to the CDs, then finish reading the books I have piled up. Once that’s done I should be all digital.


One Response to “This N’ That”

  1. Let me know how your new purchase works!! Speaking of new purchase, how do you like your new Mac device… Sorry, can’t think of the name (haven’t had my coffee yet, brain is disconnected). Hurray for your streamlining efforts… Just about the time I think I’m making progress, I look around and realize I’m not.

    Not much happening here. Went to Costco yesterday… thought I needed about 100 bucks worth of stuff & walked out with almost 300. I think Costco to me is like WalMart is to you!

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