Back Where They Belong

Yesterday was a pretty good day. For starters I slept in late–haven’t done that in a while. Usually I’m up at the crack of dawn. When dad got home from church—yes I bailed so he went solo, we headed out to Panera’s Bakery to meet up with my aunt and uncle for nice breakfast of coffee and pastries. Our visit was cut short by my bladder. I suddenly had the need to go to the bathroom, maybe it was the gallon sized hazelnut coffee I couldn’t stop sipping. With 90 percent of the cliental seniors and only two bathrooms in a place that seats at least 500, I was out numbered and out witted. I gave dad that desperate look and we left. Five minutes later I was feeling much better. I tackled putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations that had been so lovingly put up by my mom before they left to come see me which as right before December 8. Can you believe they have been with me for almost five months? I watched HGTV for most of the day, made popcorn for me and dad did a couple of chores here and there—nothing noteworthy. It was very relaxing day in all. Dad and I went to Outback for dinner and each of us had the chicken Caesar salad. It was pretty good, and except for the Caesar dressing we left feeling like we ate some-what healthy. Later that night it began storming and towards the end of the evening we lost cable so we decided to call it a night. Today home health care is coming out and I need to do some vacuuming around the house. By the time I get that done and peruse some of email it will be time to think about packing. Well that’s about it from here. I’m glad to say not much to report. Whew!


One Response to “Back Where They Belong”

  1. I always get a kick out of your blog comments…

    How long will you be in Florida?

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