Saving Pennies

For the past several weeks I’ve been carpooling to work. Because of this, I leave the house alot earlier so my blogging has suffered.  But the good news is I only have to fill up my gas tank every other week. I’ve been keeping track of my savings and I’m happy to say it looks like I’m saving $80 a month. Wow. Instant savings– I like that. I’ve also been doing little things around the house to save money, like making sure the lights don’t go on until the sun goes down. Unplugging lamps and electronics from the wall sockets that don’t get used. I found out that even though a lamp is turned off if it’s plugged in the current is still running through and adds to the electric bill. I’ve been going to and also clipping them from the Sunday paper so I’m not paying full price at the grocery store. My dinning out has been cut back to once a week. When I reviewed my monthly spending I see that even though the price of everything (including air) has gone up I’m not being hit too hard with the increases. Now you may think I’m going overboard but I guess the cost cutting at work has rubbed off on me. Maybe it has been for awhile now. I’ve positioned myself to be just about debit free in the event I’m hit with a layoff. I don’t expect to be but you never know and it’s time to store away as many acorns as I can for the winter. The only challenge I still have to master is keeping the air conditioner set at a higher temperature. I may never get there because I’m a woman who is going through that time in her life when she needs cold moving air on her. <g> And now for my trick…down sizing the amount of stuff I have in the house. eBay here I come!


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