Hot Hot Hot

Eeh…nothing. Not even a blog thought in my head.  Mentally I’ve flat-lined. Yup

It’s rare I have nothing to say. Maybe it’s the heat. In fact I know it’s the heat. This time of year the oven stays on 24/7 and it zaps the energy out of me. So much so that I think I turn into a slug. I feel like I just exist with no real purpose other than to take up space. I take up space at work sitting in my cube. I take up space sitting on the couch at home. My eyes blink occasionally but that’s about it, except for the times when I get up to go to the bathroom. Of course I’m not the only slug.  It seems that everyone I know is going through the adjustment of summer heat, with A/C’s breaking, too hot to work, too hot to play. I think we go through some sort of temporary hibernation in July and August.  So today I think I’m going to try to think of icebergs and snow. I might even take a picture to work of a glacier just to see if the power of positive thinking really works. Now if you look outside and it starts snowing, don’t blame me. Happy cool Wednesday.


2 Responses to “Hot Hot Hot”

  1. Since you may have control over the weather, do a Rain Dance for us down here. We’re in a Stage 2 dought and soon-to-be a Stage 3. You know it’s bad even the cactus are wilting.


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