Soapbox Monday

I’m still recovering from my not so brief tango with Salmonella. Each day I’m feeling better. I’m eating light-mostly fruits and plain carbs like toast. I’m drinking as much water as I can and taking my medicine.  By the end of the week I should be back to normal. Alrighty then. I don’t think I need to experience that kind of torture again.  Now that I’m feeling much better I have enough energy to step up on my soap box for a bit. Hrrrumpf. Wow I feel taller. LOL

Clears throat and puts bullhorn to mouth. Attention-don’t tell me the economy is piss-poor. Again attention people don’t tell me the economy is piss-poor. Yes, gas prices might be high. Yes the percentage of those out of work may be climbing. Yes if you want to travel to Disney World you may have to sell and arm , leg, and perhaps one of your children to experience that great family vacation but look at the bright side, if you’re a family of four now you’re a family of three and that’s one less Magic Kingdom pass you’ll need to buy. Attention, attention. You heard me correctly. Don’t tell me we are doomed people especially if the headline story (which has remained the same for three days now) is that people are waiting in long lines for the latest iPhone and are upset that when they get in the store the phone is sold out. This iPhone mind you – version 2 and version 1 came out last year! Say amen and sign Hallelujah to the free market! Now can I get a hand down? It’s a long step down. <g>


One Response to “Soapbox Monday”


    Good commentary!!! Since you’re in the mood to step up on the soapbox, I’ll send you an email that will give you some ammunition!


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