Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July! For fun take the Liberty quiz and test your knowledge of Independance trivia!

1. How many versus does the Star Spangled Banner have?

2. What is the last line of the last verse of our National Anthem?

3. Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?

4. What is our national bird?

5. How were fireworks invented?

6. How is the flag supposed to be folded?

7. What are two things the flag should never touch?

8. The first Independence Day was July 4, 1776 but in what year was Fourth of July officially declared a national holiday by Congress?

9. Which president of the United States was born on the Fourth of July?

10. Which two presidents, both of whom signed the Declaration of Independence, died on the Fourth of July in 1826?

BONUS: How many signatures appeared on the Declaration of Independence?


1. Four.

2. O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave (it’s the last line of each verse).

3. Francis Scott Key.

4. The bald eagle.

5. The Chinese invented them much the same way they constructed rockets for war.

6. The preferred way to fold the flag to show respect is to fold it into the shape of a triangle.

7. The ground or water.

8. 1941.

9. The 30th president, Calvin Coolidge

10. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.

BONUS: Fifty-six.


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