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Saving Pennies

Posted in This N' That on July 27, 2008 by swizzmis

For the past several weeks I’ve been carpooling to work. Because of this, I leave the house alot earlier so my blogging has suffered.  But the good news is I only have to fill up my gas tank every other week. I’ve been keeping track of my savings and I’m happy to say it looks like I’m saving $80 a month. Wow. Instant savings– I like that. I’ve also been doing little things around the house to save money, like making sure the lights don’t go on until the sun goes down. Unplugging lamps and electronics from the wall sockets that don’t get used. I found out that even though a lamp is turned off if it’s plugged in the current is still running through and adds to the electric bill. I’ve been going to and also clipping them from the Sunday paper so I’m not paying full price at the grocery store. My dinning out has been cut back to once a week. When I reviewed my monthly spending I see that even though the price of everything (including air) has gone up I’m not being hit too hard with the increases. Now you may think I’m going overboard but I guess the cost cutting at work has rubbed off on me. Maybe it has been for awhile now. I’ve positioned myself to be just about debit free in the event I’m hit with a layoff. I don’t expect to be but you never know and it’s time to store away as many acorns as I can for the winter. The only challenge I still have to master is keeping the air conditioner set at a higher temperature. I may never get there because I’m a woman who is going through that time in her life when she needs cold moving air on her. <g> And now for my trick…down sizing the amount of stuff I have in the house. eBay here I come!


Catching Up

Posted in This N' That on July 21, 2008 by swizzmis

So I haven’t been updating my blog. My bad. But I’ve had nothing to say. I know it’s strange but the medication I was taking made me blank. I’m mean really blah blank. I couldn’t think at work. I couldn’t concentrate watching TV and I certainly couldn’t put two sentences together to post on the blog. It was like I was in this mental limbo watching everything and everyone around me go about daily business but I was in some sort of a box and couldn’t get out. Not to mention I didn’t have any feelings what-so-ever while taking the meds. Friday was my last day taking those things. I still felt yucky Saturday but by the evening I started to get better. I even tackled shredding the junk mail that’s been piling up in a box for the past three months. The problem was when I started the shredder began smoking. I didn’t think that was very good so I picked up a new one when I went grocery shopping. The price on shredders is incredible ranging from $20 up to $80. Yes I got the $20 model. So after unloading the car and putting the groceries away I went back to shredding. I worked on the pile for 2 ½ hours last night and about 30 minutes this morning. I really want to go back to some of these companies and sue them for the time it takes me to shred this junk. That’s why it keeps piling up, even though I know if I shred daily it won’t get so out of hand but gee whiz I just hate doing it all together.

This morning I woke up with even more energy so I cleaned off the back deck, hosing it down. I washed the table and chairs, cleaned out the bird bath and even tackled 1/3 of the garage. It was hot but hey I had a hose. The creatures of the forest seemed to like it too. The squirrels, birds, and insects kept following me around like I was Mother Nature, goddess of water. I watered the lizards and toads by putting the hose on mist. I was dive bombed by a giant bee thing. As I was turning around and trying to squirt this bee I got the squirrel by accident who proceeded to chirp at me and shake his tail. Hey sorry you were the one following me. After such an adventure I hoped in the shower, cleaned myself up then treated moi to a Pedi and manicure. Back home I came to just chill. I have to go to bed early tonight. Why? Because I have to wake up super early to catch a plane to Miami for the day. And it’s going to be a long day but I am looking forward to see people I chat with on the phone almost daily. It will be good to see them in person, I just dislike the getting there and getting back part. <g>


Oh and I guess the link to the robot dogs didn’t come through (probably user error) so sorry about that. If I can figure out how to embed the link I’ll give it another try.

Well that’s about if from here..Happy Sunday and Monday.

Robot Dogs?

Posted in This N' That on July 18, 2008 by swizzmis

Wow this looks so real

Hot Hot Hot

Posted in This N' That on July 16, 2008 by swizzmis

Eeh…nothing. Not even a blog thought in my head.  Mentally I’ve flat-lined. Yup

It’s rare I have nothing to say. Maybe it’s the heat. In fact I know it’s the heat. This time of year the oven stays on 24/7 and it zaps the energy out of me. So much so that I think I turn into a slug. I feel like I just exist with no real purpose other than to take up space. I take up space at work sitting in my cube. I take up space sitting on the couch at home. My eyes blink occasionally but that’s about it, except for the times when I get up to go to the bathroom. Of course I’m not the only slug.  It seems that everyone I know is going through the adjustment of summer heat, with A/C’s breaking, too hot to work, too hot to play. I think we go through some sort of temporary hibernation in July and August.  So today I think I’m going to try to think of icebergs and snow. I might even take a picture to work of a glacier just to see if the power of positive thinking really works. Now if you look outside and it starts snowing, don’t blame me. Happy cool Wednesday.

Soapbox Monday

Posted in This N' That on July 14, 2008 by swizzmis

I’m still recovering from my not so brief tango with Salmonella. Each day I’m feeling better. I’m eating light-mostly fruits and plain carbs like toast. I’m drinking as much water as I can and taking my medicine.  By the end of the week I should be back to normal. Alrighty then. I don’t think I need to experience that kind of torture again.  Now that I’m feeling much better I have enough energy to step up on my soap box for a bit. Hrrrumpf. Wow I feel taller. LOL

Clears throat and puts bullhorn to mouth. Attention-don’t tell me the economy is piss-poor. Again attention people don’t tell me the economy is piss-poor. Yes, gas prices might be high. Yes the percentage of those out of work may be climbing. Yes if you want to travel to Disney World you may have to sell and arm , leg, and perhaps one of your children to experience that great family vacation but look at the bright side, if you’re a family of four now you’re a family of three and that’s one less Magic Kingdom pass you’ll need to buy. Attention, attention. You heard me correctly. Don’t tell me we are doomed people especially if the headline story (which has remained the same for three days now) is that people are waiting in long lines for the latest iPhone and are upset that when they get in the store the phone is sold out. This iPhone mind you – version 2 and version 1 came out last year! Say amen and sign Hallelujah to the free market! Now can I get a hand down? It’s a long step down. <g>

Catching Up

Posted in This N' That on July 12, 2008 by swizzmis

I’ve been off radar and in and out of consciousness all week. Why? Because I became a Salmonella statistic! Oh boy. I’ve had Montezuma’s revenge, kidney stones, I’m sure diphtheria (from a cruise I took) but this thing knocked me off my feet and down on to the bed. And there I’ve stayed for most of the week. Thank goodness for Cipro. The older I get the harder it is on my body. Just can’t bounce back like I used to. Getting old sucks sometimes.

And I will tell you-ain’t noth’n on TV either! I was too tired to read -which is kind of hard to do when you’re in and out of consciousness anyway. But when I was awake and stuck in bed there was literally nothing on the television to watch to get my mind somewhere else. What is up with that? They’re punishing us. For goodness sake -there’s only so many re-runs someone can watch. The only bright spot was the Ellen show. I love her! She is so entertaining and refreshing and just down right funny.  Thank goodness I’m feeling better and can go back to reading.


Happy Saturday and stay hydrated and cool. Summer is here to stay for a bit.

Monday this n’ that

Posted in This N' That on July 7, 2008 by swizzmis

I had a wonderful 4th with six people gathered around the kitchen table that was meant to comfortably hold four. Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans…yum. The best part besides the great conversation was there were no leftovers. I had only planned for 4 but when I found out neighbor friend decided not to go to the lake I invited her over too. People stayed until 10pm and then it was time to clean up and hit the sack. That’s when the garbage disposal decided to quit. So I poured hydrogen peroxide down the drain since I didn’t have any draino. You should have seen the fizzies. Whew fun with science.  I let it sit there overnight. My disposal still doesn’t work but it ate up everything down in the black hole. I just need to be careful until plumber gets out here. Hopefully he can fix it. I pushed the little release button too but that didn’t help. Sat/Sun were less than eventful however I did get my front flower bed weeded. I put new mulch down and purchased some garden pins to hide the water fountain cord.  That cord has been sitting on top the rocks in part of the planter and has been driving me crazy. Every time I try to bury it, it seems to come back up again. So I bought these garden pins, moved the rocks away, and pinned down the cord in strategic places, then put the rocks back over. It looks better than ever.

I also did some writing this weekend. Not nearly up to my goal of 1000 words per day but I’m getting there. I’m stuck in some places trying to figure out the entire back story so that’s what has slowed my writing. Once I get that all taken care of I should be able to whiz through.

This leads me to say I won’t be blogging for a while. Maybe once a week to post my progress (on HHT of course). I simply haven’t learned how to write at night so the morning is when I have to get it all in. Wish me luck and happy Monday.