Not Sure I’m Alive

Oh my gosh. I can’t feel most of my body. Well I can feel it. It’s just that it hurts-even the eyelashes. I didn’t know eyelashes had nerve endings but apparently they do and they are screaming ‘what the hell did you do?’

I helped a friend clean her new house yesterday. The house is only three years old and was in good condition but previous occupants never cleaned. There were six of us in all over there , each of us took over a room. Mine was the living/dinning room. After five hours I managed to scrub the blinds, clean the windows, and do the baseboards. I think the dirt on the blinds was an inch thick and each louver had to be scrubbed and then rinsed. Let’s just say she had two really big windows in the living room. Everything and I mean everything had to be dusted, washed down and vacuumed. That was before we could shampoo the carpets and run the steamer over the of the parts of the floor that were lament. The bathrooms had to be disinfected and steamed too. I’ll tell you that Shark Steamer has paid off big time. Today we’re back at it again and doing the kitchen, den and laundry room. What amazes me is how in this day and age someone can move out of a house and not think to clean it for the next person. Have we turned into animals? It sure looks like some people live like ones. I’m not an obsessive about keeping house but I do like my space to be somewhat tidy. The most interesting part of the day was when we meet the neighbors. Right after the ‘hi, how are you’ they asked if previous occupants were all moved out. We said yes they were and they replied thank goodness. Not enough time to get the poop but that’s on today’s agenda. We’ll see if we can’t entice said neighbors with Crispy Creams to come over for a chat.


2 Responses to “Not Sure I’m Alive”

  1. I know with those filthy blinds, I would have done one of two things…

    1/ Power-washed them on a low setting -or-

    2/ Thrown the whole lot of them away and bought new ones!

    Krispy Kremes work wonders. Once the sugar rush hits the neighbors, you may get more info than what you want to hear!

  2. Sounds like so much work. But will feel so good after it is all done. And you are so kind to help out. Yum, donuts!!!

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