Thursday Blahs

Not much to report. There was a freak rain storm that came out of nowhere last night around 8pm. I’ve never seen the wind blow in so many directions and when it hit it looked like a sand storm. But the wind was wildly blowing the rain in such a way that it was swirling.  In a half an hour we had 3 inches of water on the ground. Wow. And to think I was over at the neighbors house just minutes before. We were outside having Margaritas on the porch. Yesterday was just a funky day. I was tired for most of it but antsy too. I think it’s the heat and the junk floating in the air. It’s making everyone feel blah. But the rain cooled everything down and freshened things up a bit. J


3 Responses to “Thursday Blahs”

  1. Who is that guy? Tony Danza doing Idol with a sock in it briefs???

  2. Yesterday was just a funky day

    I think funk has been in the air… time to get the industrial fans out and blow that crap back to wence it came!

  3. That’s the new ice hockey show right?!? I still *heart* Mike Modona…even if he is married now…*sigh*

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