The Clock Starts Ticking Now

Quick post this morning because it’s thundering and lightening and I should get off the computer quick. Sprinkler guy came out Tuesday and fixed all the sprinkler heads and pointed them the right way. The bug guy is coming out today. Held a great meeting at work yesterday and now I get a couple of easy days to sift threw the notes. It takes a lot of work putting this type of meeting together and I always feel like I can breathe again when it’s all over. I have anew writing goal, 1000 words a day for 90 days. Butt will be in chair each day until I reach each day’s total. So today and Friday I’m going to sketch a rough outline from beginning to end what’s going to happen. Unfortunately this will be on top of the 1000K goal. But once the outline is done (it doesn’t have to be neat and tidy, just some scene ideas to anchor the story along the way) I should be able to meet or perhaps exceed each days goal. Wish me luck. The clock starts ticking now.


3 Responses to “The Clock Starts Ticking Now”

  1. OK… Consider yourself accountable for your writing goal! After meeting your quota, in the subject line of your blog for the next 90 days at the end of the title —>

    Write: (Met Goal)

    PS/ There is no alternative phrase….

    (How’s THAT for public accountability?)

    ** YOU CAN DO IT. **

  2. Definitely an inspiration to me. I am so ashamed of myself that I set goals earlier in the year and haven’t met any of them.

  3. YOU can DO IT! GO, girl, go! 😉

    Love the rain, by the way. We need it!

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