The Uninvited

Hell itself has laid claim to Texas. Returning from a 6 month absence he’s banished the cooler north winds from Canada and invited his demon girlfriend, the southern wind from the gulf to sit beside him on his thrown. There is simply no relief for the plants and grasses that beg for water while bowing to his merciless habitation. The birds and squirrels make quick work of breakfast until he awakens, then scamper for the bushes to wait out the long hot day until dusk gives us only the illusion of relief. He reigns supreme to the serenade of the cicada and air conditioners while we humans stay inside our dwellings dreaming of the spring and fall praying our life support will last through the hellish months to come. Yes Hell has returned to the Lone Star State and he’s made it clear he’s staying for awhile.


One Response to “The Uninvited”

  1. LOL I love this imagery of our summer. HEHE!

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