Under Water

Oh my goodness you don’t find this everyday


1780 British warship found in Lake Ontario

Intact 80-foot sloop is oldest ever found in the Great Lakes


Okay so that was mindless trivia but interesting trivia if I say so myself. You can read about the ship here.

I was super busy this weekend. I was on call for my job. I attended my writer’s group monthly meeting which I haven’t done in forever. It was good seeing people. Had dinner with friends Saturday night. Sunday I worked in the yard all morning-before it reached 100 degrees. I trimmed the bushes in the front yard which is a major production because they are so big and they had exceeded the height of my roof. I trimmed the honeysuckle vine that runs the length of my backyard fence, which is really my neighbor’s. They I trimmed the boxwood bushes in the backyard. I just have one other thing to do back there and that’s cut up a tree limb that my other neighbor decided to cut off my tree because it was hanging in his backyard. I have a saw for that but I was too tired and hot by the time I got done with everything else. Unfortunately I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted but I did do some more plotting and figured out a few things. I expect to make great progress this week. Well that’s about it for today. I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.


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