A Penny Saved

Yesterday after work I went over to the neighbor’s house. I needed to use a saw to cut a tree limb that had been tossed in my yard. Yes it was from my tree but my other neighbor decided he didn’t want it hanging over in his yard so he sawed it off then tossed it my back yard. Hrrumpff. Guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend. I was proud of myself in one respect-I didn’t go shopping and just buy a tool. I went and asked a neighbor instead.  I’m still trying to find alternate ways to economize taking into consideration what other people are doing and trying those ideas myself. So the grocery shopping is done for the week, with food stuff bought to coincide with preplanned meals. This even includes lunches. I’m trying to stick to a $100 weekly budget for groceries. I’ve noticed a few things though. My toilet paper is the same price but now it comes in smaller rolls. The body wash I use is the same price but now it comes in a smaller bottle. Have you noticed this? The one habit I can’t seem to change is giving up soft white light bulbs. I’ve tried switching to the energy saving kind but the light doesn’t give that warm comfy glow that a regular light bulb gives off.  I’m also going to work from home one day a week and seriously explore the carpooling option. The other venture I think I might take on is listing some items on eBay. So with prices going up daily on just about everything, what have you been doing or thinking about doing to save or make some cash?


4 Responses to “A Penny Saved”

  1. I clip coupons. Yes, it’s old fashioned but it works. And I ONLY clip the ones for stuff I already buy. Or stuff I’m going to buy but I don’t really care about the brand. I also signed up at Coupons.com to get additional coupons for things. They don’t always have coupons I want, but they do have several I use over the course of a month or so.

    I also preplan ALL my dinners for two weeks at a time. I’ve found that making a menu out ahead of time keeps me on track and keeps me from having to figure out what to do for dinner every night. AND we don’t eat the same things over and over.

    There’s a site I got to for my grocery list: MyGroceryList.Com and you can just click a checkbox for all the items you’re going to buy. EVERYTHING. And I’ve found this really keeps me from buying impulse items too. If it’s not on the list, I don’t buy it.

    I’ve cut out all cookies, candy, and ice cream. I do buy a few chips but not a a lot fo snacks, especially now that I don’t have school lunches to pack.

    I’m selling stuff on eBay. Okay, I admit the two things I’m selling is really to pay for something else I really REALLY want. haha I’m also getting rid of things in the house I don’t want/use anymore.

    I DO use the energy saver light bulbs. I’ve gotten used to them over the last few months. And I’ve gone to average billing with the electric company to help me budget. The new electronic things I’ve bought in the last year (new DVD player and new computer) are all Energy Saver, so everything I buy from now on I make sure is that – just to save a few pennies a year. Eventually, it’ll add up.

    And – one more thing I promise. 😉 I use Quicken and Excel to budget and plan my pay periods. I use Excel to map out everything I’m going to pay with each paycheck and see what I’m going to have left over. I’m also figuring out a plan to pay off the credit cards. Okay so I’ve been trying that for months, but it’s taken me a while to figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. I think that’s key – you have to figure out your own system and go for it. 🙂

    Okay, I’ll shut up now. haha

  2. PS. Well, not ALL ice cream – I do have a weakness for that! haha

  3. You had mentioned the new energy-saving lightbulbs… Thought you might find this clip interesting:

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  4. I planned a budget this weekend for getting my credit cards paid off in one year’s time without hurting (hopefully) each month.

    We’ll see…

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