Something to Ponder

Today is mindless blog day. Why because my mind wandered away from me yesterday and hasn’t returned. I don’t know where it went-only that it’s some place other than my head. If I knock on it I hear an echo so I’m pretty sure it’s gone.

I had big plans after coming home from work. I was going to have dinner then read. <g> I had dinner, beef kabobs, rice and veggies, but then started getting sleepy so I lied down in my bedroom. I turned on the TV and realized my DVR was out-yup add that to the list of things to do this weekend, and decided to channel surf. Of course I was in the process of closing my eyes to power nap-yes while still channel surfing, I’m ADD what can I say-when  I come across a really interesting show on the History Channel. It was about Archimedes the great Greek mathematician and scientist who developed so many things I couldn’t name them all. In particular hydraulics, the first clock, and what blew me away, the odometer. Did you know Rome wanted to mark every mile on their roads as away to tell how long it would take to get somewhere and that by marking those road inevitable made them the greatest empire on the planet because they could tell how long it would take an army to get somewhere? What also struck a cord with me, a sad one btw was that all the written information from Archimedes, the charts and diagrams he made throughout his long life we destroyed because they were housed in the Alexandria Library. It was then the narrator said something that made me sit up and think. “How much of what we’ve invented recently is really reinvented as a result of the fires and assaults that destroyed the Library of Alexandria?” Wow. That’s something to ponder.


p.s I Survived a Japanese Game Show wasn’t on. L


One Response to “Something to Ponder”

  1. WOW! That’s incredible information! I love the History Channel. I really need to watch it more often. I’m willing to bet the world suffered a huge loss when the Alexandria Library was burned. So very sad.

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