I Survived

Please don’t tell me I’m on the only fool interested in the season premier of I Survived a Japanese Game Show. If you haven’t seen the commercials you’re missing out. If you’ve never seen a Japanese game show, you’re missing out. The contestants in my opinion are desperate idiots with a death wish.  For instance in one commercial tidbit they were going through some wild Dr. Seuss obstacle course jumping over giant tampon like things while dodging pies thrown at them from a huge catapult. Just about everyone spills out royal, getting smashed and banged up in the process, all while keeping a smile on their face hoping to win big money. The Japanese announcers with the one second off English translation track are funny too. Kind of like the old Godzilla movies where they’re still speaking long after their lips have stopped moving.  I’m sick I know but it looks entertaining. And it’s not on CBS.

This summer I’ve decide to stay away from watching anything on CBS. That’s because they cancelled my beloved show Moonlight and have not responded to the fans (approx 8 million) who faithfully watched the vamp series, how have voiced their displeasure. It’s like CBS is sweeping the series and all comments under the rug and pretending not to notice. So for the summer CBS is dark in my house. Apparently they didn’t want my viewing dollar and as a 40 something woman who likes a little paranormal romance every now and then, I apparently (as well as 8 million other viewers) aren’t in their target demographic. They do not need my viewership then for Amazing Race, Survivor, or Ghost Whisperer either I guess since they seem to only produce CSI type stuff. Hey that’s it. I think CBS should switch acronyms to CSI. Those shows are on every night.


The other show I’ve been watching, and I was so glad it came back on the air after a several year hiatus is The Mole. It’s very similar to Clue and I love that game. Other than those two shows (well with the exception of Ghost Hunters—but their season is very short)  I’ve been reading. Wow what a concept. LOL. This summer I’m going to see how far I can get through my TBRP (To be read pile). So far I’ve been reading a book a week.


One Response to “I Survived”

  1. I will admit to being a fool (you’re not alone there!) but can’t say I have even a miniscule desire to watch any of those Japanese Game Show shenanigans. My TV taste is much more refined… like “My Name is Earl” and “The Secret Lives of Women.”


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