I Made It

I’m baaack! Left Saturday and made it-believe it or not all the way to Lafayette. That’s over 700 miles. Got to Gulf Port where I was going to overnight at 3:30pm and decided to keep driving. There was no way I was going to waste a good 5 hours of daylight just to be stuck in a dumpy hotel room. I’m glad I continued because I found a wonderful hotel, the Drury Inn and it was way less expensive too. Besides that it was brand new, had free internet and long distance service and a full buffet breakfast in the morning. Sunday it was back on the road at 8am and finally made it home and in the driveway at 4pm. Wow. All in all I think I spent $300 bucks on gas roundtrip. That was still less expensive than an airline ticket even though I nearly choked over the $4 price tag per gallon. I think the coolest part of the drive was going over the Lafayette Bridge which crosses over the Atchafalaya Basin. It’s several miles long and I was on it at sunset. There had recently been a rain storm so the sky was orange, purple and blue and the sun seemed to sink right into the swampland. All the animal were out catching their dinner, the egrets, storks, and alligators-even the human kind. It was serene. I have to say as far as driving trips go this was up there as a great experience and yes I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  


One Response to “I Made It”

  1. GLAD YOU’RE BACK!!! When do you have to go back to work? Hope you have a day or two to recover from the drive before you do…

    Sandy, absolutely LOVE the 2nd pic that you posted!!! Looks like a cover shot or a poster!! You should blow that one up, frame it, sign it, and put it on your wall. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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