And the plot thickens

Yesterday I wrote some and plotted a lot. I wrote half a page then realized the story wasn’t going anywhere unless I took time to plot.  I’ve learned something about myself — I’m a plotter and pantser when it comes to writing. People usually say they are one or the other. I start out with a scene between the hero and heroine and I write that. Then I plot some– nothing too in depth, just high level conflict. Then I write another scene letting my muse take me where she wants. At this point I start layering in the how’s and why’s so I go back to plotting–asking tougher questions, which in my case includes some world building. So yesterday during lunch while part of me was visiting with family the other part was busy asking why would so and so do this? Why do they care? What’s in it for so and so? At the pool while I was floating-the same thing. <g>

So today I should make some good writing progress. With the road at least outlined I know what direction I’m going. Well happy HOT Friday.

p.s I almost forgot. The toilet is fixed on the International Space Station. 🙂


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