Can you believe this-the astronauts aboard the International Space Station may have to be evacuated because of a broken toilet.  A plumbing kit of sorts was put on the space shuttle last Saturday but it appears the parts aren’t working. Sixteen countries and 100K workers have contributed to the space station and now it may all go up in smoke because of a broken toilet. The US has invested 96 billion dollars in this endeavor too. Now here’s my question. What in the world were they thinking when they built this high tech space lab with only one toilet? In other news a woman died of heart attack only minutes after her retirement party. That makes you think to live in the moment doesn’t it? Now to my personal news which isn’t very exciting but noteworthy. I wrote another page yesterday. I’ve now written everyday straight for the past week and a half. My goals list was short this year, to write an article for my chapter newsletter-check, and to finish the first draft on my manuscript-on target however need to bust a move. Did you make a goal list at the beginning of the year? If so have you accomplished any on your list? Please share. Happy hump day.


One Response to “Newsworthy”

  1. Excellent news on the toilet… I mean the writing accomplishment! Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with that intriging romance!!

    I don’t make too many Goal Lists because I can’t remember from day-to-day what the goals are! Damn menopause… I blame everything on that these days. Even the space station toilet problems. 😉

    I know how creative you are so I’m going to send you an email about what I’ve been up to lately! I’ve been hit with the artiste’ bug myself!

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