Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce

I thought I’d blog about something of no importance today. <g> I want to take a trip to Buenos Aires to visit something in particular. I want to stroll down Calle Florida Street in the shopping district and have lunch at Burger King. So why would I fly thousands of miles on a ten hour flight to visit a fast food restaurant? Because it’s located in a 4,000 square foot palace once occupied by one of Argentina’s wealthiest families. Its Sky-high ceilings, with intricate moldings and beautiful stained glass would have you think you’re having your burger, fries and diet coke inside the Vatican. It’s also cool to think I’d be sitting under several large scale phantom- of- the- opera type chandeliers admiring the neogothic architecture. Looks like there really is a home of the Whopper and it’s a palace!


3 Responses to “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce”

  1. Do we get a king crown with that Whopper with cheese? 😉

  2. sandy s Says:


  3. I guess I’m so anti-developer that the thought of a Burger King in such a beautiful place is absolutely horrifying!! I’m surprised Wal-Mart didn’t beat them to the punch… Just a matter of time I’m sure.


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