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The news here in Florida is sometimes downright comical. Don’t get me wrong—they have their share of car crashes, robberies, corruption in school districts, but this morning’s headlines consist of, getting ready for hurricane season which starts in a couple of days—like a hurricane is going to hit on June 1st , and two black bears that have taken up temporary residence at the Hard Rock Café hotel near Disneyworld. It seems one bear has already checked out and the other might be staying for awhile. Yesterday’s big news– GatorLand has been completely restored, after a fire destroyed much of the old central Florida attraction about a year ago. The 1949 attraction featured a 15ft tall alligator mouth entrance to the 110 acre wildlife refuge that sits at the beginning of the Everglades.
Oh breaking news- bear watch from traffic news chopper 35. The bear has officially checked in to the Hard Rock using is American Express gold card.


One Response to “News News News”

  1. What is in GATORLAND???????!!!!! Is it a restaurant, a zoo, a nightclub???

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