Back To The Grind I Go

I had a great Memorial Day. We all went to Gator Joes for lunch which was the perfect place to munch on fish and chips, coleslaw, and people watch over the holiday. The restaurant sits on the banks of Lake Weir. It looks like a crab shack and the outside deck goes way out and over the water. People from all over the area come to eat, drink, listen to the local band, and relax on the sandy shore. Most people arrive by boat or Sea Doo. Yup, they just sail up then dock and come in for brewsky’s and fish and chips. There have been times when some have arrived via sea plane– landing right in front of the restaurant. And true to Memorial Day fashion the place was packed with tanned and sunburned teenagers celebrating the beginning of summer. After that we headed off to Bealles a retail shop much like Kohls but with much better stuff. I was looking for some decorations for my bathroom but didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without. I also read, took a nap, then headed off to the theater and saw What Happens in Vegas. That was a cute movie and very funny. It had a lot of flaws-maybe I noticed because I’m a writer, but I forgave those and just enjoyed the show because Ashton and Cameron were so cute together. I gave it thumbs up so if you like romantic comedies go see it.

So what did you do this weekend? Please share.


2 Responses to “Back To The Grind I Go”

  1. Not too much here. It was incredibly humid and hot so doing anything outside wasn’t much of an option. For dinner I grilled some ribeye steaks with a black pepper / sweet paprika rub along with some sliced vegetables (asparagus, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and snow peas) in an Italian dressing sauce. We also had some grilled red peppers slices in an olive oil / basil dressing.

    Paul had to report in this morning at 5AM for 9 weeks of active Army Duty over at Fort Sam Houston (SAT) so after watching “The Batchelorette” last night, it was curtains for both of us! ** (I think she should pick Brian, the high school football coach, but it looks like she will be leaning toward Jeremy or Graham. But… what do I know? Last go around, I thought Shayne should have been kicked off the 1st or 2nd show….)



  2. Movies, movies and more movies!! It was a great weekend but I’m beat and happy to be back at work to rest. LOL!

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