I’m seriously pissed. CBS has decided to cancel Moonlight. So Friday’s episode a week ago was the last show. I think I’ll need to sick Hancock on them. That btw looks like a funny and interesting film. In other news, saw Indiana Jones yesterday and yes it was loaded with corny jokes and unbelievable action. It’s definitely a summer must see and Indy still has it! Saw a movie trailer for “What Happens in Vegas” with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. It’s about two strangers (a career bachelor and bachelorette) who meet one night in Vegas, get drunk, have wild sex, and wake up the next morning to find themselves married and freaking out of course. They both agree on a quick divorce until one of them wins a jackpot worth millions and because that money is communal property, it’s a fight to see who can make who file for divorce first. Looks like a good romantic comedy and Mr. Kutcher ain’t bad to look at either. <g>

Oh and I also wrote five pages yesterday btw. J


One Response to “Disappointed”

  1. HEY!!! You’re not getting away with that picture of whoever this Hancock guy is as the HHT!! Let’s have it!

    Going out to a movie is just waaaaaay too much hassle. I’ll wait until the video comes out… and with my memory I’ll probably forget to see it when it does!

    Are you back from the road trip yet?

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