On The Road Again

Sometimes I feel like I’m invisible in the universe. Then -I drive up to Starbucks, roll down my window and before I can speak and cheerful voice booms over the speaker, “Good morning. Welcome to Starbucks. Tall coffee and a glazed donut?”

Sorry my post didn’t appear yesterday. I don’t know what that was all about. Make sure to read my exciting story about my pineapple fried rice—which was indeed thrown away. <g>


In other news it is Friday and that means only one more day until freedom, at least for a week. Yippee!!! The weather looks like it will cooperate, no storms in the forecast. I did some packing last night. I also packed snacks for the trip and now I have to pick Mr. B’s squeaky toys (that’s his packing). I have maps and more maps and even more maps so I don’t get lost. I’m bringing several books for the pool and if my writer buddy can get me her revisions-ahem-I will be happy to give her my two cents.


I got this cool little cheap digital camera for the trip so hopefully I can post some pictures of our journey on the road. I’m not sure what we’ll see or if there’s anything to see but I’m sure there will be a story behind it.

Well that’s it from here. Happy Friday.



2 Responses to “On The Road Again”

  1. Have a great time, my friend!!! Be safe, check out those flamingos, and bring back some pictures!!!


  2. I KNOW I KNOW. I suck. I’m working on it tonight though. When are you leaving? I’ll send you what I have so far of the brand-new beginning.

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