Is It Friday Yet?

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to blog about this morning and I keep wondering, “Did I throw away my pineapple fried rice?” Is it still sitting on my desk at work? If it is I bet it’s pretty stinky by now. I hope my co-workers aren’t passed out.

I was running in and out of a few meetings yesterday taking a few bites of this delicious meal when I could. It’s from the Thai restaurant that’s down the street and consists of a very smooth version of fried rice, pineapple, cashews, onions and believe it or not cucumbers. It is one of the tastiest dishes on the planet. And yet I only ate a third of it and the rest could still be sitting on my desk fermenting. I’m turning into a pig. That’s it-oink, oink.


I just about fell asleep watching Idol last night. It had to be the most boring semi final ever in my opinion. It was also a no brainer that both Davids would go head to head. My bets are on Cook. Other than getting ready for my road trip nothing new to blog about. Yesterday turned out uneventful.


3 Responses to “Is It Friday Yet?”

  1. LOL that’s it?? No actual entry? This cracked me up!

  2. I think it’s Wednesday. No HHT picture posted yet.


  3. Who is that hot guy? And that fried rice DOES sound yummy. I had Gloria’s for lunch 😀

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