It’s about time that it’s Friday

Not much to blog about this morning. Yesterday was kind of blah and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything. Today will be quiet at work and I expect to make some serious headway on stuff I need to get done. And I want to know where my money has gone. It seems that it doesn’t stretch as far even though I’ve paid down my debt and live pretty frugal. But it always seems that I’m shelling out a lot of money in the beginning of the year before expenses lighten up. Car insurance, inspection stickers, and registration take up the first several months. The first yard clean up of spring takes another bite, and updating the wardrobe for summer takes yet another. I think I should look into selling off some stuff that I have taking up space in my house. I’ve also decided to purchase a new oven, sink, faucet, and get new countertops. It’s just time. I’m sick of the 1970’s yellow and the coil in the oven is hanging on by a thread. Yes it’s time.  So if you want to watch something mindless for a minute fifty five seconds, try this.


One Response to “It’s about time that it’s Friday”

  1. You’re spending your money on frigging gas and groceries. I hate it. It ticks me off.

    But OOoOO! A new kitchen! How fun! 🙂

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