Wow we dodged the bullet again yesterday! I was driving home from work with blue skies and a nice a breeze but behind me there were dark bubbling clouds and tornado warnings. I’ve come to think that I live in the free-zone– weather free-zone that is. Every time a storm approaches it looks threatening but by the time it gets close to my area it either fizzles out or splits in two and goes north and south. Mother Nature if you are listening lets just keep it that way. My goal this month is to master the balance, or rather make inroads to balance life and work. Work has taken way too much time. I think I’m going to follow someone’s advice and practice the methodology that if the flames can’t be seen from outer space, it’s not a great emergency. I have to do this so I can devote more time to finishing my book. I talked to a friend about this last night and we both agreed we need to find some Zen and get our butts in gear.

I’m going on a road trip to Florida. Yeah! I haven’t been on a road trip in years. Can’t wait. I love the scenery of driving through little towns and winding roads that cut through the beautiful countryside. Me, the pup and best good friend will have a blast. I wonder what road journeys await us. I have to make sure my driving music is loaded up on my iPod. In particular Mary Chapin Carpenter. Her songs are great to drive to. I also have to get my book selection in order as I plan to catch up on my reading.

Ok Mother Nature, no tornadoes and no hurricanes please!



2 Responses to “Da,Da,Dee”

  1. I hear ya on the writing time. My writing is suffering BIG TIME. I hate that and I want it back.

    Have a safe trip! Sometimes the journey is better than the destination. 🙂

  2. Love that expression —> “If the flames can’t be seen from outer space, it’s not a great emergency.” I’ll have to figure out how I can work that into another Letter to the Editor in the Boerne paper. 😉

    Great news about your road trip. A VC for you is long overdue.

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