Rip Van Volcano

In case you didn’t know, because I was only made aware of this last night via a snippet on the local news, the Chaiten volcano near Santiago Chile has awakened from a 9,000 year old nap. When I visited Santiago, I had beautiful view of this volcano from my hotel room. Well anyone would have a view of the volcano I guess since Santiago is surrounded by the Andes mountains and everywhere you look you can see the volcano. Oh and this mountain/volcano is bigger than Mount Saint Helens. Oh yeah, much bigger. Ok back to the volcano being active. I sat straight up in my chair and then went to CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. All they were showing was election stuff. I went to the weather channel. Nope nothing there either. I don’t know about you but when it’s reported that a volcano that has been dormant long before man could read or write decides to wake up I’m expecting that to make headline news. N O T H I N G!

Maybe I’m over reacting worrying about the possibility of an ash cloud traveling around the globe, or changing the earth’s climate. The news thought it was fun to just show us some footage and say wow isn’t that amazing? I almost threw my slipper at the TV. I wanted to know how big the cloud was. Is there any lava coming out? If there’s no lava that’s a bad sign, it means were talking gas cloud. Mount Pinatubo cooled our earth’s climate for a brief bit in the 90’s after it erupted causing us to almost drown in Texas from heavy rains. I went to bed a bit grumpy. This morning I search on the internet for some news and finally found an article. Seems this bad boy has been rumbling for five days! Thankfully nothing to worry about yet but the gas cloud is traveling south and unfortunately over Chile’s Patagonia area which is an eco mixture of Costa Rica and Alaska with rainforests and glaciers. This will be definitely something to keep our eyes on.


One Response to “Rip Van Volcano”

  1. I heard the blip on the news about the volano but they didn’t go into any detail and it didn’t look like there was lava on the one snippet of news I saw.

    I wondered though – with all the tornados we’ve been having, the earthquake in the midwest (HELLO?), the cyclone, the volano and other various natural disasters happening around the globe… well, it kinda makes ya wonder what God is trying to tell us through Mother Nature!

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