Catching Up

Why is that when the weekend finally gets here it’s almost Monday again? I know the logical answer is because the weekend consists of only two days as opposed to the five days of work week. But even the days go by quicker…hrrumph.

Saturday I got so much stuff done it felt good to finally sit down and relax. And I did fun stuff too. I went to the new library which is just down the street from me now. It’s a beautiful building, two stories complete with its own café, conference rooms, and about twenty public computers each in their own little cubicle. It’s also laid out like a bookstore. There’s room to walk without bumping into another person in the aisle, they have comfy overstuffed chairs to just sit and read. It’s actually a very nice place for a writer to go to have a cup of java and work on a manuscript. Starbucks you may have some competition.

I also enjoyed reading and going to my favorite grocery store… Sprouts. I did some plotting on my manuscript and realized my hero was little more dark than I originally thought. Boy that took me by surprise when he revealed something from his past. I first tried to pretend not to hear him. I stuck my fingers in my ears and hummed. But that doesn’t work when the person talking to you is in your head. I then tried a second tactic and opened up my work email but his voice just grew louder, more impatient.

“You can’t be serious,” I said realizing I had no choice but to listen to him.

“War’s hell,” he shrugged.

“Are you sure that’s what happened? I mean that’s pretty heavy stuff you’ve laid on me.”

He just arched a brow.

I shook my head. “How am I supposed to write that? I’m not so sure the love of your life can deal with that.”

He tic’d his strong jaw then leaned against my desk. “You’re the writer, you figure it out.”

“Why don’t we just leave it the way it was?” I asked with a wimpy squeak.

He bent his head and stared into my eyes, “Because it’s not the truth and you know it.”

I shrunk further back into my chair hoping to put more distance between us. “Okay I’ll at least think about it. Now go back to the further recess of my brain.”

“As you wish but it’s done. There’s no going back.”

And he was gone.

He’d left his mark and I knew he was right. There was no going back, not to the original blue print of his back story which now I see was only a flesh wound. The scars that ran through his life I realized were much, much deeper.

And there you’ve just had a glimpse into the writing process. Scary isn’t it?


3 Responses to “Catching Up”

  1. I love when characters talk to me!!

  2. Fascinating account concerning the evolution of your story line! I never knew that you writers had such inner turmoil going on as the words are being written!

    I’m REALLY intrigued now to find out what the character’s scathing secrets are! 😉


  3. Wow! There is NO way you cannot do what he says.

    Great writing, BTW, I love it!

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