I’m back…

I’m  sorry to be off blog for so long. But I have a good reason. I was preparing for a presentation at work. It wasn’t just any old presentation either but one I gave to some of the top brass. It was on a project I and a few coworkers have been slaving away at for a few months. I was only supposed to be speaking for half an hour but they were so excited we ended up engaged in good conversation for almost an hour. Little gold star for me. <g>

In other news the weather has been teasing us, promising destruction of biblical proportion as it rolls in from the west, only to weaken to nothing more than a good rain storm with bright flashes of lightening. I feel like we dodge the bullet every Wednesday and Thursday. At least that has been the pattern for the past several weeks. The weathermen have been getting on my nerves too. They sound so dramatic, “This is a bad one, take cover now, this is a strong storm.” I end up pacing the hall with my comforter (that’s to cover myself in case of tornado, like that’s going to do any good) my purse, a flashlight and portable TV. Mr. B paces too. And when it’s all over we both get treats. His is a biscuit and mine is something stronger, either ice cream or a beer whichever I can get too quickly. Lately it’s been beer.

 Yesterday I decided to tidy up the back yard. I picked up all the tree branches that had fallen from the storms, trimmed a couple of bushes, and tackled the Honeysuckle vine like Edward Scissor hands, that creeps over the fence from my neighbor’s yard. I then realized I needed some hanging plants to put under the eaves of my sunroom porch. I headed to Garden Ridge-nothing. Then I went to Wal-Mart and found some beautiful hanging baskets that look like wicker for $6 a piece. I also got two bushes of some purple droopy flower then went home to create my masterpieces. I must say they turned out pretty darn good. I also recycled some potting soil and other fake plants that I had in storage or lying around. The best part is you can’t tell they’re fake. So why fake plants? I would never be cruel enough to buy something alive only to kill the poor thing in a week. I always forget to water.

This morning I have to fill the bird feeders up. There’s only one feeder left with any seed and it’s for the finches. The fact that a pigeon keeps trying to perch on it and the squirrels, cardinals, and blue jays are holding some sort of birdie sit in and staring at me in the sunroom makes me think this should go to the top of the list today. But it’s so dark outside. We missed getting the scary weather last night, just rain and a little wind but its 7:30 am and it looks like 9 pm. Other than that most of my weekend chores Friday so I can play all day. Whew. What a feeling.


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