It’s Friday

Good grief. Never, ever adjust your screen resolution DPI without alcohol. You’ll need a stiff drink after adjusting it so high that when you see it’s overkill and want to reset the screen settings you can’t, because there’s no way to click the OK button because the pop-up is too big for the screen. Gee-whiz. I just spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to make my screen resolution small enough to display the reset pop-up window with the OK button showing. Never again. I’ll just look at tiny print and use the scroll button to enlarge what I’m looking at.


Dodged the bullet again with last night’s storms. I was getting freaked out watching the weathermen who were predicting destruction of biblical proportions. You know hail the size of small cars, tornadoes that were going to blow us to Japan-that kind of thing. But by the time it arrived it was just some wind, really wicked lightening, and a down poor of water. I was so shaken by all the hype that when it passed I downed a beer then went to bed.


Okay well that’s it from here. Our new library is opening this weekend so I’ll be attending that, plus I have books to return.  Now off to shower and shine…it’s Friday!




2 Responses to “It’s Friday”

  1. Sandy –

    I was laughing my ass off reading about your computer pop-up predicament!!! (Only because I’ve done that too!!!!) HYSTERICAL!!!!

    What a night you had! Sounds like your blood pressure was elevated most of the time after you got off work! You know that high blood pressure should only be reserved for the time between 8-5p, M-F. 😉

    We had some much needed rain here last night too. The weather folks talked about hail and a typoon here too but it wimped out on us before all that got here. One good thing was that it knocked out alot of that pollen that was in the trees!


  2. LOL You are too funny! Glad you got your screen all fixed up.

    I’m so glad we didn’t get all that hail. I was freaked out too. I had my safe place all ready to run to. The kiddo and I stayed on the couch and watched the weather and then flipped back and forth to the hockey game (YAY Stars won!). I was glad it passed over us.

    This weeked is supposed to be beautiful!

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