Hump Day Madness

I have been running around at work like a mad woman trying to get a big presentation done that I’m giving next week. Add to that major poop going on and I’m one tired puppy. The good news is that meetings are on the light side for the rest of week so I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have big plans for the weekend, writing and reading. I started a Teresa Medeiros booked last week that has me hooked but I haven’t been able to get back to it with all that’s been happening. I’m going to get house cleaning in order too.

As for TV I’m glad Ali won Biggest Loser. It’s about time a woman won. Moonlight is back on the air April 25th, and Desperate Housewives came back to us last Sunday. I heard a spoiler about DH and I think this season is going to end with some big shockers. Nobody really knocked my socks off during Idol last night but David Cook IMHO just needs to get on with his career. He’s ready to go, start making records, I’ll buy them (already have: Hello and Eleanor Rigby from iTunes) and I think he’s going to make it big.

I’m bringing my laptop to work today. I think I’ll actually get to take a lunch and I’m going to write. I miss my writer meetings and my writer friends. I miss not being able to play. Add to those wishes, I want the economy to correct itself and the price of oil to go down. Is that too much to ask?


One Response to “Hump Day Madness”

  1. I watched The Biggest Loser last night too and Ali’s transformation was nothing short of amazing! She didn’t even look like the same person and her self-confidence was through the roof!!! Good for her!!!

    Hope your plans for the weekend work out! Definitely sounds like you need some “me” time.

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