Yawn. It’s Tuesday

So yesterday I made it to work without getting hit. Yeah!  <g> What can I say? I’m a bit edgy nowadays, and look in the review mirror every time I come to a stop signal. I’m sure this is temporary and my phobia will come to an end.

Now talk about a Monday. There was an earthquake near San Antonio, freaky weather up near Oklahoma and we are expecting severe weather tonight. But an earthquake near San Antonio? Who woulda thunk? I’m still scratching my head over that one. It was a 3.8, hardly anything to sneeze at. In California we’d chalk it up to a geological fart. But in Texas?

Had a good night visiting with a friend that I haven’t seen a while and we got caught up. I came home and quickly watched Dancing With The Stars. All contestants did well in my opinion. Of course there were some that were better than others but the ones who aren’t the best on their feet made up for it in creativity. One even used a unicycle in the Paso Doble. I’ve never seen that before.

We have Idol tonight. I so look forward to David Cook. I’m reading a great book so I have loads of entertainment waiting for me when I get home.


Other than that nothing much is happening. I guess that’s a good thing. J


2 Responses to “Yawn. It’s Tuesday”

  1. I saw the unicycle-dance last night. I didn’t think it was nearly as bad as the judges did! Guess that shows you what I know about dancing!

    I’ve never watched “American Idol.” I guess I refrain because I’m sure it would become one of MY favorite shows too (and I aleady have quite a list that I consider MUSTS to watch every week). By the way, what was with that crazy stripper blonde girl toward the end of “The Batchelor” last night??! She acted like she was stoned on something… Boston Legal starts back tonight after a long hiatus due to the writer’s strike. That’s one of my favorite shows and even after 5 or so seasons it’s still one of the freshest and most entertaining shows on these days!

    Yep, earthquake in SAT. Pretty weird.

  2. Oh… I forgot to ask you. Who was it you got together with last night? Anybody I know?

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