What have I been up to?

I’ve been a bit busy these days and not with doing anything particularly pleasant. Poor Mr. B couldn’t walk very well last Saturday so I took him to the vet. I had visions of being referred to a surgeon because I thought he was having back pain. But it appears to be arthritis. He’s now on puppy meds and is doing much better. The vet said it the change in weather was affecting his little puppy joints. Come to think of it my arthritis was acting up too.

My computer (not the new one) flat lined so I had to take that in and it’s now off to the mayo clinic computer hospital otherwise known as HP headquarters.  It’s not even a year old so thank goodness it’s still under warranty. Yes I’ve lost the stuff I was too lazy to back up. The other problem is I don’t know what’s not backed up. Whoops.

I have a ton and I mean a ton of work chores to get done so my writing has suffered. And clarification this means the bill paying kind of work, not housework.

Today I’ll do some writing. I’m taking the day off work, yes I know its Saturday but that doesn’t mean anything anymore…I’m not complaining. See me grin? And I hope to get some new books to add to my to-be-read pile but I’ll think I’ll read them right away. There’s nothing quite like a vampire regency romance and Teresa Mederios is the author to pull it off. Talk about an author who writes really well and what I mean by that, I read the first sentence and I’m hooked all the way through the book. There are few authors that can do that for me, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Julia Quinn to name a couple. It really doesn’t matter what they write about, they know how to pace their stories, make me care about the characters, get lost in great dialogue, and a great story. I have a test for this. I read with the TV on. I know it might sound strange but silence sometimes is more bothersome than background noise. If I can’t hear the TV anymore…it’s a good book.


Sunday update:

I found the books I’d been looking for. Was rear-ended…no damage to my car but the 4X4 that hit me has a pretty big oweee. I think my spare tire saved me. <g>My neck and shoulders don’t hurt…hopefully it’s not one of those things that come on after a few days. I found a great new grocery store called Sprouts. Got all my meals for the week – – lovely fruit – – pre-made meals – -all for $70. This evening I feasted on blackened pepper kabobs, complemented with wild grain rice that was pre-cooked. Yum. That dinner cost me a whopping $4.50. I feel like for the first time in a long time I’ve saved money. Yeah!

Let’s see what else – – I got my paws and claws done today. There’s nothing like a pedicure and manicure to perk one up. And I love the place I go to. They use hot smooth river stones when they’re massaging your legs. I was there for 2 ½ hrs getting all pampered but I feel much better.


Now I’m going to finish up some stuff for work and try to do that quickly so I can snuggle in bed with one of the books I bought and enjoy what’s left of my freedom. Everyone have a happy week.


One Response to “What have I been up to?”

  1. I was getting concerned when your blog languished not for just a day or two… but for over a week! I was going to give you one more day and then I was calling out the Coast Guard to check on you! Glad to hear that everything just got piled up (and other than a scratched car, it’s good to know that you are OK!)

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