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Posted in This N' That on April 29, 2008 by swizzmis

Achew-achew-achew! Spring has definitely sprung. Even the Claritin D is no match for Mother Nature’s pollen furry. It’s on my car, up my nose, in my hair. Argh.

But it’s Idol night. Maybe this round someone else will pick their songs. Jason singing Memories last week and not knowing an old decrepit cat was singing the song was the last straw for me. From now on Idol, don’t let the contestants pick their songs unless they’re seasoned like David Cook. David in my opinion is too good for the show. He should already have a contract and a career. He’s been the best thing on that show. The rest of them are good but don’t have the experience so we get talent act night. Instead of making the Ford commercials these contestants should be training on their performance. Hey it’s my opinion—sorry as Simon says. <g>

I’m toying with the idea of working from home once a week to save on gas. I think I’ll pick Wednesdays when most of the traffic is in full swing. I’ve notice some interesting traffic patterns on the highway lately. Monday is light, Tuesday is light but not as light as Monday. Wednesday it takes me an extra 10-15 minutes to get to work. Thursday it doesn’t but takes me an extra 10-15 minutes to get home. And Friday is a crap shoot.

So are we all waiting for that little government stimulus to arrive in the mail or in our bank accounts? Mine…is spent already.


Moonlight …

Posted in 1 on April 28, 2008 by swizzmis

is back. And Friday’s episode was delicious. I was just sad that Mick didn’t his Crispy Cream donut. But Joseph and Mick fighting side by side…let’s see more of that please. What an awesome duo those two make.

I’m back…

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I’m  sorry to be off blog for so long. But I have a good reason. I was preparing for a presentation at work. It wasn’t just any old presentation either but one I gave to some of the top brass. It was on a project I and a few coworkers have been slaving away at for a few months. I was only supposed to be speaking for half an hour but they were so excited we ended up engaged in good conversation for almost an hour. Little gold star for me. <g>

In other news the weather has been teasing us, promising destruction of biblical proportion as it rolls in from the west, only to weaken to nothing more than a good rain storm with bright flashes of lightening. I feel like we dodge the bullet every Wednesday and Thursday. At least that has been the pattern for the past several weeks. The weathermen have been getting on my nerves too. They sound so dramatic, “This is a bad one, take cover now, this is a strong storm.” I end up pacing the hall with my comforter (that’s to cover myself in case of tornado, like that’s going to do any good) my purse, a flashlight and portable TV. Mr. B paces too. And when it’s all over we both get treats. His is a biscuit and mine is something stronger, either ice cream or a beer whichever I can get too quickly. Lately it’s been beer.

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It’s Friday

Posted in This N' That on April 18, 2008 by swizzmis

Good grief. Never, ever adjust your screen resolution DPI without alcohol. You’ll need a stiff drink after adjusting it so high that when you see it’s overkill and want to reset the screen settings you can’t, because there’s no way to click the OK button because the pop-up is too big for the screen. Gee-whiz. I just spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to make my screen resolution small enough to display the reset pop-up window with the OK button showing. Never again. I’ll just look at tiny print and use the scroll button to enlarge what I’m looking at.


Dodged the bullet again with last night’s storms. I was getting freaked out watching the weathermen who were predicting destruction of biblical proportions. You know hail the size of small cars, tornadoes that were going to blow us to Japan-that kind of thing. But by the time it arrived it was just some wind, really wicked lightening, and a down poor of water. I was so shaken by all the hype that when it passed I downed a beer then went to bed.


Okay well that’s it from here. Our new library is opening this weekend so I’ll be attending that, plus I have books to return.  Now off to shower and shine…it’s Friday!



Hump Day Madness

Posted in This N' That on April 16, 2008 by swizzmis

I have been running around at work like a mad woman trying to get a big presentation done that I’m giving next week. Add to that major poop going on and I’m one tired puppy. The good news is that meetings are on the light side for the rest of week so I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have big plans for the weekend, writing and reading. I started a Teresa Medeiros booked last week that has me hooked but I haven’t been able to get back to it with all that’s been happening. I’m going to get house cleaning in order too.

As for TV I’m glad Ali won Biggest Loser. It’s about time a woman won. Moonlight is back on the air April 25th, and Desperate Housewives came back to us last Sunday. I heard a spoiler about DH and I think this season is going to end with some big shockers. Nobody really knocked my socks off during Idol last night but David Cook IMHO just needs to get on with his career. He’s ready to go, start making records, I’ll buy them (already have: Hello and Eleanor Rigby from iTunes) and I think he’s going to make it big.

I’m bringing my laptop to work today. I think I’ll actually get to take a lunch and I’m going to write. I miss my writer meetings and my writer friends. I miss not being able to play. Add to those wishes, I want the economy to correct itself and the price of oil to go down. Is that too much to ask?

Not Up And Running

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…yet. But I’m getting there. I just got my laptop back from the PC hospital. The motherboard was defective so they had to replace it. Of course I get the ‘puter back and it’s been reset to factory settings which means I have to reload everything and wouldn’t you know it, the anitvirus software is only good on one computer so I have to buy an extra version. Arggghhhh. So it’s going to take me a few days to be back up and running. Thank goodness I have a backup laptop otherwise I don’t know what I’d do. I fell asleep on the couch last night in the middle of Dancing With the Stars because I was so tired. But having a little over 8 hours of sleep has done wonders. I feel so, what’s the word…rested.

Ahoy Matey

Posted in This N' That on April 12, 2008 by swizzmis

Whew! It’s nonstop work, so I’m taking a little breather and switching over my mind to something more creative, and mindless like blogging. <g>  Mr. B and I survived the storm of the season. Well at least it was thus far. Thursday night the wind kicked up and thunder pounded in the sky. This was about 3:30 in the morning. I turned on the TV and the weathermen were telling us to take cover so I threw a blanket over Bentley and watched a big red blob on the map sail toward our city. It rained. The wind blew. Mother Nature was pounding on our door and then…it just went away. I swear there is a protective shield around this neighborhood. This isn’t the first time we’ve skirted a major storm. Unfortunately other cities weren’t so lucky. 6 tornadoes in all danced across this part of the state taking with them large oaks and bits and pieces of homes while two-stepping northeast. I got four hours of sleep when all was said and done. Oh well.  It’s going to be sunny and in the sixties this weekend and our next chance for spring weather won’t come for another seven days. Since I’ve haven’t posted an HHT for a couple of weeks I thought I’d leave you with this.

Ahoy Matey!