Friday At Last

Today’s Horror Scope

Focus on your creative mind, dear Libra. This is a very fertile time in terms of planting hearty seeds

that will be sure to grow up healthy and strong. You have the ability to be very prosperous, but it

will certainly not come easily. The key for you is to maintain you’re cool. Don’t overreact to the

little annoyances that come your way. You are above and beyond petty squabbles. Don’t waste

your time on them.

Yesterdays’ horror scope came true by the way. I was a little stubborn and testy. I had a right to be.

I guess this means I should be accommodating and diplomatic today? Alright I’ll try.

I went to pick up my laptop last night and it wasn’t ready so I have to wait another day.


In other news I have found two new TV shows to waste time with; Eli Stone and Miss Guided. I can’t

believe I’m watching Miss Guided but there’s something fun about watching a group of

teachers, who are supposed to be role models, that are worse than the students. But I somehow

can relate the main character, school counselor Becky Freely.

Eli Stone, by the creators of the Practice, has me hooked and I’m waiting for the big earthquake.

Let me say there had better be an earthquake. So why do these shows work for me?

They have characters I like and want to get to know better. I want to see them win at the

end of the day….and did I say there better be an earthquake?


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