Weekend Recap And Stuff

 I put a dent in my piggy bank over the weekend. I bought a new a laptop. My old one was slowing down, taking 10 minutes just to boot up.  The programs weren’t running very well, and it was over 3 years old. Don’t be surprised that’s about how long they last. I decided on another HP and it was on sale. I’ve had my eye on it for a while but was waiting for the price to come down and I guess it came down at just the right time. It’s kind of cute, only weighing about 5 lbs and has a 14 inch screen. But with the bright view technology I can see everything fine. It’s not tiny or anything like that.  I should have my new little baby by the end of the week.

After my one outing over the whole weekend <g> I was a hermit – I did some more shopping on iTunes. I’m addicted to the online store like some people are to shoes, purses, and clothes. Not that I needed more songs on my iPod but I came across some hard to find ones that well, I just had to have.

Speaking of not going out, the price of gas has gotten ridiculously high causing me to reevaluate my driving habits. I’m sorry but I’m just not going to get in the car to go someplace if I don’t have to. The fact that a noticeable portion of my paycheck is now being spent just to get to work and back is not good. I’ve also turned the heat off in the house. It is not going back on until late fall. Blankets in the evening are just fine. Speaking of higher fuel prices, what if anything are you doing different to save a few pennies these days? Have you adjusted your way of living?


3 Responses to “Weekend Recap And Stuff”

  1. I bought energy efficient light bulbs and went to average billing on the electric bill. I don’t drive nearly as much – I put in 14 gallons and it cost me $43! I was mad. haha

    Congrats on the new laptop! I’m jealous. I want a new computer SO bad. haha

  2. At night I set the thermostat to come on only when it gets below 64 in the house. Other than that, blankets work just fine! During the summer, the temperature indoors stays at about 78… not 68 like most of my neighbors whose electric bills have been as high as $600.00 in one month!

    One good thing about having a rock house with 9 inches of rock between the inside and outside is that when it’s cool inside, it’s stays cool. And in the winter when it’s warmer inside, it stays warm. No constant temperature fluctuation. We are at a disadvantage having these old original wood-frame windows with the weight and pulley system, but I will suck up the additional cost of any air leaks because of the look and charm of the old house. New aluminum windows just wouldn’t be the same and storm windows would also detract from the look.

  3. CONGRATS on the new laptop. With as much work as you do on the thing you could probably take a tax deduction on it!

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