Spring Fling

This is my favorite time of year. Spring that is! There is a cool crisp breeze in the morning. It doesn’t get too hot during the day. The birds – – Cardinals, Blue jays, and Robins congregate around the bird feeders. And there is always the promise of an afternoon storm that makes a beautiful and sometimes scary appearance as it moves in and devours the blue sky. Spring is not long lived in Texas and Texans take advantage of it. Home Depot, Lowes, and Garden Ridge are crowded with those who are in throws of spring fever. The sounds and smells of the lawn mowers are abundant on Saturday mornings. People in hats and gloves are squatting in their front yards, sprucing up flower beds. It’s the time of year when we seem to have renewed energy to tackle big chores like cleaning out the garage, painting, building a new deck. For a few short weeks yards look tidy, there is a fresh coat of paint on window sills and doors, and then comes the summer. Before you know it spring has moved on from her short stay taking with her any trace that she was here because… she’s only a mistress.


One Response to “Spring Fling”

  1. Great essay about Spring! Loved that last line… Not a comparison I’ve ever heard with those 2 words in the same sentence; that’s what makes it so interesting and memorable!


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