Windy Windy

Monday night

I got home late last and flipped on the TV to veg-out. I thought I’d watch the first episode of the Bachelor thinking it would be mindless and I could wind down from the day. That would be a big no. I should know better than to watch the first episode – – that is the girl’s gone wild party fest. Let’s see how many ways someone can embarrass themselves – -while dressed in a$ 5,000.00 gown. They could play the clarinet, or the guitar, offer to arm wrestle the bachelor, or better yet bite into a beer can and rip it to shreds. And yes beer can lady got a rose if you were wondering.

On the writing front I made progress although nothing of any value. I want to write but the words are pouring fourth as fast as I’d like.Tuesday nightCable was out— queue horror show background music. I pulled out my battery operated TV to watch Idol, with 10 inch screen broadcasting in beautiful black and white.  After 30 minutes the cable was back and I felt relieved not having to squint anymore.I think I’ve got the top 5 Idol contestants picked.David One and Two, Brooke, Carly, and I can’t decide if Jason or Amanda who will get the fifth spot.Wed morningWow. I was rudely awakened this morning by the wind. I don’t think it’s ever blown so hard and so consistently hard ever in this little area of the world. The house was shaking from that which came sweeping down the plain. And poor Mr. B who had to go outside to do his business. I thought about weighing him down with rocks before letting him out. He’s only a small little dachshund. He did encounter some wind sheer as he traversed the patio to get to the grass but all was fine once he got foot, or should I say paw on the dirt. He didn’t stay out there as long as he normally does. Wonder why?  And that’s it from little ol’ me. It should be fun driving to work this morning. I wonder how many cars will be able to stay inside the lines. Should be interesting.


2 Responses to “Windy Windy”

  1. I was disappointed with the Bachelor’s 25 choices this season. Maybe it’s the new HDTV that caused all their physical and facial flaws to be refined and magnified… (and let’s not even get into any of the bizarre personality traits!) London Boy is such a cutie that he deserves a better bunch! I saw an interview with him last night & he alluded that he had made a choice on the last show of this season (unlike the whacked out AUS bar owner of last season) and that he was quite happy with his decision. Since in the initial show the other night he mentioned wanting to take the bride-to-be back to live in London, I’m inclined to rule out the Hollywood actress – Fernando Lamas daughter (whatever her name was). Other than that blondie, any one of the other 14 are possibilities right now.

    Our weather here has been… how can I describe it…? I’ll borrow from Shakespeare —> Much Ado About Nothing! We had lots of tornado warnings, look out for the softball-sized hail, severe and dangerous thunderstorms, etc, etc. I don’t know where all this happened but it wasn’t here!

    Oh… by the way —> Found out yesterday that the compressor on the 7-year-old AC unit was dead to the world (the warranty was for 5 years) & that it will have to be replaced. Nothing like forking out 3K you weren’t counting on parting with… DAMN!!! So much for the flagstone back patio… AGAIN!!!

  2. I refuse to watch the Bachelor. It’s just a bunch of women who are really kind of sluts deep down.

    Idol: Some good performances last night. David Cook is AWESOME.

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