Happy St. Pat N’ All That



Oh boy. I woke up this morning after having weird dreams to a headache and a stuffy nose. That was at 330am. Now at 630am I woke up again to a worse headache and stuffy nose.  These fronts that blow in right before a storm do a job on me. Now I’m waiting for my Claritin to kick in. I shopped at Garden Ridge Saturday and came out with a few things. I got a wrought-iron wall hanging piece that will go in the front yard, a plant stand complete with fern, and a new umbrella for the table out in back. I also made a good haul at the library too. Since it will be closing for a month—it’s moving to another location, I checked out a few reference books and some fiction. I also managed to write some more on FN. Not too much else to chat about other than to say I’m quite happy with the shortened work week and look forward to lighter traffic because of spring break.


3 Responses to “Happy St. Pat N’ All That”

  1. My traffic seemed heavier than normal BECAUSE of spring break. Go figure.

  2. Did you go to work today or did you take off?

  3. Monday the traffic was light. Today, the traffic was atrocious because of the rain.

    Sounds like a good shopping spree at Garden Ridge. I love to go to that place.

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