Make Money & Save Money

Make Money 

Now I believe is the time that if you have jewelry to sell, in particular gold, you should. If you haven’t noticed the price of gold has hit a whopping $1,000.00 an ounce. Silver has also risen to $20.00 an ounce. If you are looking to pay off a bill or two or just add to a nest egg take inventory of your jewelry box and get ye to a pawn shop. So why is gold at an all time high? Sadly because the value of the dollar has tanked. This means it’s not going to stay high for long, so act quickly.

Save Money

To save money how think about how to get extra gas mileage from your car. Do you know you can increase your gas mileage up to 30% if you drive the speed limit? I know it’s hard to do on our highways. Going below 70 these days’ people will flip you off but every time you accelerate at high speeds your are consuming mass quantities of fuel. Have extra stuff in your car that you lug around? Remove it. Every ounce of extra weight decreases your gas mileage. Do you break often? Try coasting up to a red light. Hopefully by the time you get there it will have turned green. Keep your tires full of air to the maximum pressure allowed. Low tires put resistance on your vehicle, and burn baby burn. If you do all these things you can expect to increase your mpgs to around 50.


3 Responses to “Make Money & Save Money”

  1. I put 20 bucks of gas in the Mustang the other day and the gauge only came to the 1/4 full mark!!!



  3. Never thought of these money saving tricks!

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