Like people who start their day reading the morning paper, my vice is to read blogs. Just think a couple of years ago they didn’t exist, at least not in the popular way they do now. I love reading tidbits about people and their thoughts and advice. And the comments are just as fun to read as the blog entry itself. I think  blogging’s appeal is because it’s a cool way of connecting with other people. We share thoughts, opinions and stories, kind of like the cyber version of early man gathering around the camp fire and sharing the day’s news. Of course back then it was about how poor Thug and Org were trampled by the wholly mammoth. I recently read a blog by Sherrilyn Kenyon that had me in tears by the end. I was so impressed by her persistence to make it in the publishing world and her fight for a better life for her family.

So what are some of your favorite blogs?


3 Responses to “BlogApeal”

  1. I don’t have too many blogs (other than yours) that I read on a DAILY basis.

    There are a few that I might peek at once a week or so… I’ve bought several items from Janet who is the woman. She lives in Miami (and also has a beach house on the coast) so alot of her treasures are ornate and soft pink in color. Take a look!

    Then there is Amy who has the web site
    Her blog site is:
    I’ve also bought several small antique-type items from her. Last year she developed breast cancer and I’ve been following her daily struggle (and subsequent victory) over it. She didn’t hold anything back at any point and even included pictures of all the surgeries that she had to endure.

    And then there is Fifi (who is the editor of “Romantic Country” magazine. She lives in fabulous Florida also (like Janet of Shabbyfufu). Her blog site is always entertaining and the pictures she posts of her life, home, pets, and gardens are always gorgeous! Check her out:

    Here’s one more you might find interesting:

    Barbara Jackier was the former editor of several of the monthly magazines that I always get. She travels all over the world and her blog always has great ideas and colorful pictures! Check out her posts about Chinese New Year in NYC as well as Mardi Gras in MSY.


    Let me know what you think! Hope you like them!



  2. I just left a message with 4 different blogs but I don’t see my post on here! Let me know if you got it!


  3. I always read:; PubRants and The Swivet. They’re on my daily hit list. 🙂

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