Monday Morning

So what did I do this weekend? Well let’s see. On Friday I picked up a friend from the airport , she was coming out this way to visit her sister. We had dinner over at her place Friday night-munched on home made spaghetti. Yum.Saturday we all got together and I picked Pei Wei up for dinner. I also ran to the Library to return some books that were due and picked up some new ones. I have them an extra 3 weeks since the Library is moving. Yeah!  I house cleaned, read, caught up on New Amsterdam and took a couple of naps. Oh yeah and I wrote! And that my friends is the cliff notes version of my weekend. Not very exciting but fun and satisfying. Now it looks like a storm is moving in. From my window I see dark clouds creeping this way but they don’t look ominous thank goodness. You never know this time of year nature can be vicious. So I have to admit I did something silly. I clicked on a link that read Hottest Green Jobs thinking the article was about high paying jobs but it was about working for environmental companies. OOPS guess I’m not totally on board with the Going Green thing yet


2 Responses to “Monday Morning”

  1. Sounds like a good weekend! I mostly frittered away time. It was grand. hehe

  2. Excellent weekend! Can’t say I was anywhere close to THAT productive!

    There was Market Days up at the park where a bunch of vendors sent up tents and sell stuff. I stopped in for about 20 minutes… just long enough to see if the same vendors were there as last month, and the month before, and the month before that. 95% of them were the same with about half of those selling jewelry. The weather seemed to dictate most of the weekend though. Very windy, cold, and good weather for staying in and doing nothing!


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