The storm this morning matches my mood, dark, and cold, and depressing. Wait a minute, let me re-write that because that sounded a little too dark, cold, and depressing.

Ok, here we go again. The storm this morning matches my mood, dark, and cold, and depressing.

Sorry no way around it.

I tried.

 Last night I was happily surfing the web to check up on two my most favorite shows, Moonlight and Blood Ties. I wanted to know when they were coming back on the air. I first went to LifeTime – ready to mark my calendar for a return of Blood Ties.

No news.


Everyone should be back to work to finish the season. Hello… where’s the schedule?


No announcements, no updates to the website. That’s not usually a good sign, more like a show has been pulled sign. It seems when a show is slated to be pulled they pull the communications too. Unless you catch it on the news or something you are left wondering. There was a blog on the website that was very active and when I started reading the posts my hand clutched my chest. They were about saving the show.


So I went to the contact us link and told – begged them not to cancel the show. I don’t know why Lifetime thinks it’s a dud. Their whole format is TV for women and I last I checked we women love vampire stuff. It appears some reality show has taken its place.


I then tortured myself further by going over to CBS and checking up on Moonlight. I should have turned the computer off but I was a glutton for punishment. It’s been pushed back a couple of weeks (probably to allow for thorough post production) but I hear chatter that it may be on death row too.

I think we’ve come full circle in TV land. Fifty years ago there were three channels with a variety of shows. Now there are five-hundred channels with three shows; reality, news, and crime-law-and-order-CSI shows.

I feel like Charlie Brown running up to the football only to have Snoopy pull it back. 


3 Responses to “Ack”

  1. Heard you may have had some snow…..??? Is that true????

  2. TV sucks right now. Do the networks really think we’re interested in Oprah’s Big Whatever? Who gives a shit? I certainly don’t. And that Newlyweds show. Like we really need to see newlyweds parading around doing stupid stuff. And the Moment of Truth. Whatever! That’s so uncomfortable to watch. Do we really need to see folks intentionally destroying their lives? I’m sick of TV. All I want is Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and Moonlight. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!?

    Okay I’m better now. 🙂

  3. Wish I could help you feel better! Hard to believe snow last night and sunshine and warm weather today!

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