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Friday At Last

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Today’s Horror Scope

Focus on your creative mind, dear Libra. This is a very fertile time in terms of planting hearty seeds

that will be sure to grow up healthy and strong. You have the ability to be very prosperous, but it

will certainly not come easily. The key for you is to maintain you’re cool. Don’t overreact to the

little annoyances that come your way. You are above and beyond petty squabbles. Don’t waste

your time on them.

Yesterdays’ horror scope came true by the way. I was a little stubborn and testy. I had a right to be.

I guess this means I should be accommodating and diplomatic today? Alright I’ll try.

I went to pick up my laptop last night and it wasn’t ready so I have to wait another day.


In other news I have found two new TV shows to waste time with; Eli Stone and Miss Guided. I can’t

believe I’m watching Miss Guided but there’s something fun about watching a group of

teachers, who are supposed to be role models, that are worse than the students. But I somehow

can relate the main character, school counselor Becky Freely.

Eli Stone, by the creators of the Practice, has me hooked and I’m waiting for the big earthquake.

Let me say there had better be an earthquake. So why do these shows work for me?

They have characters I like and want to get to know better. I want to see them win at the

end of the day….and did I say there better be an earthquake?


It’s at least getting closer to Friday.

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Why is it I never see anything like this at work?


Then here’s my horror scope for today.

Seems accurate considering the meetings I have today.


Tension may be a bit high among just about everyoneand everything you encounter today, dear Libra.

On one hand, some will be feeling a strong need forstability and discipline, while another camp may becalling

for fun and carefree frivolity. You may findyourself caught in the middle, and the worst thingis that no side,

including your own, is going to wantto make compromises.

Try not to take things too seriously.

Tuesday Recap

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Oh boy. I’m being attacked by Mothra this morning. I woke up early again and decided instead of fighting to go back to sleep I’d just write. So I went into my office and as I was typing away this fluttering sound came from the window. I looked out and my desk lamp had attracted a moth the size of a humming bird but with a much bigger wingspan. Poor thing, he tried so hard to get inside seeing my nice beach chair lamp. So I turned it off and he stopped. I turned the light back on and he started up again. This went on for about five times or there abouts. I hope no one else in the neighborhood was up because they’d be wondering wonder what the woman was doing in front of the window turning the lights on and off.

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Weekend Recap And Stuff

Posted in This N' That on March 25, 2008 by swizzmis

 I put a dent in my piggy bank over the weekend. I bought a new a laptop. My old one was slowing down, taking 10 minutes just to boot up.  The programs weren’t running very well, and it was over 3 years old. Don’t be surprised that’s about how long they last. I decided on another HP and it was on sale. I’ve had my eye on it for a while but was waiting for the price to come down and I guess it came down at just the right time. It’s kind of cute, only weighing about 5 lbs and has a 14 inch screen. But with the bright view technology I can see everything fine. It’s not tiny or anything like that.  I should have my new little baby by the end of the week.

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Spring Fling

Posted in This N' That on March 21, 2008 by swizzmis

This is my favorite time of year. Spring that is! There is a cool crisp breeze in the morning. It doesn’t get too hot during the day. The birds – – Cardinals, Blue jays, and Robins congregate around the bird feeders. And there is always the promise of an afternoon storm that makes a beautiful and sometimes scary appearance as it moves in and devours the blue sky. Spring is not long lived in Texas and Texans take advantage of it. Home Depot, Lowes, and Garden Ridge are crowded with those who are in throws of spring fever. The sounds and smells of the lawn mowers are abundant on Saturday mornings. People in hats and gloves are squatting in their front yards, sprucing up flower beds. It’s the time of year when we seem to have renewed energy to tackle big chores like cleaning out the garage, painting, building a new deck. For a few short weeks yards look tidy, there is a fresh coat of paint on window sills and doors, and then comes the summer. Before you know it spring has moved on from her short stay taking with her any trace that she was here because… she’s only a mistress.

Anyone want chocolate?

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Windy Windy

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Monday night

I got home late last and flipped on the TV to veg-out. I thought I’d watch the first episode of the Bachelor thinking it would be mindless and I could wind down from the day. That would be a big no. I should know better than to watch the first episode – – that is the girl’s gone wild party fest. Let’s see how many ways someone can embarrass themselves – -while dressed in a$ 5,000.00 gown. They could play the clarinet, or the guitar, offer to arm wrestle the bachelor, or better yet bite into a beer can and rip it to shreds. And yes beer can lady got a rose if you were wondering.

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