What a week


Yes, I’ve been off the radar for the past few days. Mostly because of, sometimes ‘the man’ demands all my time and I have to heed the call. The other day I noticed after getting to work and out of my car that my tire was low on air. Upon closer examination tire was on the verge of flat. I park in the basement in the parking garage so I cringed. No way was a tow truck getting down there. So all day I was working with the car company to get someone out to change my tire. I had meetings all day and a small window of only 2 hours to meet someone and escort them into our guarded parking area.


Once he arrived I had to leave for a meeting and I felt bad for taking off but he said he’d be okay and could find his way out. Unfortunately my spare was low on air too so when I drove out of the garage I squeaked and squealed around every turn. Thank goodness I was walking out with someone who followed me to the gas station where she gave me quarters to put air in my tire. LOLI drove to the dealership (at a granny pace, I think I was flipped off twice) to have my tires repaired and also to have my yearly maintenance done.After getting home past eight, I watched Idol then fell asleep in the Lazyboy only to wake up around four with a pup dog sacked out on my tummy. We then moved to the bedroom where I overslept before I started all over again. Whew I’m pooped. I’ve declared Friday as Sandy day so I will be taking the day off and hopefully getting beautified and pampered. No that should revive me. Not much else to report from the front lines except that it’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to my day off tomorrow.


2 Responses to “What a week”

  1. A 3-day weekend! What a deal!! You’ll have to tell me all the fun things that you did!


  2. Lucky you with your day off tomorrow! 🙂

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