Enough is enough

Oh my God! They don’t make my hair mouse anymore! Arrgggghhhh.I went to Walmart last week and couldn’t find it, then to couple of drugstores…nothing. I knew something was up when I couldn’t find my Thermasilk volumizing mouse. I Google searched the web this morning and found blog after blog that Thermasilk has discontinued their products and now is called Sunsilk. Furthermore I hear, through the blog channels it’s not the same stuff. When I first thought Walmart was just out of the stuff I bought something else and for the past week and a half look like I have a cat on my head who’s trying to shake himself dry after falling in the bathtub. I don’t think I can leave the house again. I also haven’t been able to find my bra anymore. Let’s just say I am not a happy camper. More a frustrated frizzy- headed, broken-bra wearing woman who’s had enough of change already this year. Yuck and spit!


3 Responses to “Enough is enough”

  1. Cat hair and hair mouse together on one head? HAHA!! THAT’s the problem! 😉

    I don’t know that they would have the mousse that you need but try:


  2. ROFL You do no look like you have a cat on your head. hahah

    By the way – started reading Night Pleasures. WOOHOO!

  3. I HATE it when they stop making my favorite brands!!!

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