The Fifth Season

Did you know there’s actually five seasons? Yup. Besides summer and fall, and in between winter and spring there’s Idol.

It’s Idol season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I tuned in last night for the first time this season after skipping all the two hour try-outs that leave you plugging your ears and yelling at the TV. “You fool now the only thing you’ll be remembered for is what an idiot you were trying out for Idol.”

I thought the guys did great given the song choices left me yawning. Don’t get me wrong the songs were fine not just the best for the first night to show off their stuff. Some of them came to the front for me, Mike Johns (hottie) Jason Castro (hottie with beautiful eyes) and David Cook (sexy singing). There were a few others who had great voices but not the equal parts stage presence, at least yet. Even though Simon always says “this is a singing competition” it isn’t. The winner has to be marketable which means you have to have a certain amount of sexy appeal.

Do you watch Idol?

Do you have any faves?


3 Responses to “The Fifth Season”

  1. Oh yeah I tuned in! Micheal Johns IS a hottie – but he’s an Aussie so how can you NOT love him? And he can really sing. I voted for him. I also voted for Jason Castro. I REALLY like that kid! And I loved his song choice. He’s so cute and so shy and he didn’t say a word the entire time the judges talked to him. He’s sweet. I hope he makes it through to the very end. 🙂

  2. Haven’t watched Idol this year yet, but can’t miss Lost.

  3. The only time I watched “Idol” at all was when Sanjaya kept advancing week-to-week (against all odds!) I kept hoping that Simon would have a conniption fit or something equally entertaining. 😉


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