I was talking to a friend last night – -more like whining to a friend last night about my lack of writing. She’s so good. She nods and listens while I ramble. I tend to solve my problem when I ramble, kind of like a mad scientist wringing his hands as he paces back and forth.

I figured out why my writing has slowed way down. My brain hasn’t been creatively feed. It’s been living off work and chores, and obligations, and horrible TV. I am in essence eating empty caloric potato chips instead of the potato. Okay bad analogy but you get it. So TV is going off, reading is coming in, work is over at 5:30, and I see a 30 minute walk in my future everyday. That’s it no more excuses. I’m sick of being stuck in the same place.

Whew! I feel better.

 What have you done to get out a rut?


2 Responses to “Rut”

  1. Hey sometimes you have to talk it out to figure out what to do! That’s what friends are for – to listen! 🙂

    I guess I’m weird. I like consistency. I like to know I’m going to do the same thing almost every day. I like routine. BUT that does sometimes lead to ruts, so when that happens, I usually try to mix things up a bit. I’m a create of habit my design, so when I find myself falling into those dry routines, I try to find something to change it all up again. That probably doesn’t make sense to anyone but me… haha

    Back to writing!

  2. I think it is a very good analogy. And so true. I was doing so well with my writing until I got sick last week and now I can only drag myself home and go to bed. Last night I took my laptop to bed with me and read a few contest entries, but that is all. Are the fates against me? Who cares, I will still kick butt. We can do eet!
    Your writing is so good you should never consider quitting!

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