Ho Hum Monday

No much to report this weekend.

Saturday was cold and rainy so I decided to stay in. Luckily I got my grocery shopping done Friday night. Sunday was better and even though the sun was out I only made one trip out of the house to renew my car registration.

I really had the shopping bug but I went home instead and read. I’m trying to save my pennies and I don’t need more junk in the house. I have new rule. If something comes in something else has to go. Since I didn’t have anything to get rid of nothing came back in…except for me. 🙂

I did work on the outline for FN and wrote down some scenes that may take place in the book. I also did a little bit of writing but not much came forth from thy keyboard. Sometimes writing is a bummer experience and sometimes you feel brilliant.

I also wrote part of an article for my chapter newsletter. Since I am rather boring at the moment I thought I’d share a website that has made me giggle – -no roar with laughter at their commentary on bad romance book covers. Some of their witty words just brought me to tears I was laughing so hard. Smartbitchestrashybooks.com 


3 Responses to “Ho Hum Monday”

  1. I broke down and bought Outlook 2007 and Office 2007 and I gotta say – I LOVE IT. Okay, at first I hated it but I really like it now. 🙂

    Read my blog for my gigantic blunder. You’ll laugh. And hopefully feel sorry for me. LOL!!

  2. Hey, you are ALWAYS brilliant! Just some days more brilliant than others. But always brilliant.

  3. I checked out the Bitchy Trashy Book Covers site you recommended and I think this might become one of my favorite sites to read on a daily basis! Absolutely brilliant insights on the part of the 2 reviewers! I read 2 pages of the 20 today and just had the best time looking at the pre-trashed covers and then trying to figure out what they were going to rag on before reading their comments. Nothing is sacred… that’s what makes their comments so good!!

    Great site!!! Thanks for passing it along!


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